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Alright... well Lucky Grill is something I order every Sunday morning. It's the perfect hangover food! Not only is the food great, but there's an added bonus... the colon cleaning and or total flush of whatever is in your stomach is lovely. Not only is the food great, but the "detox" you experience is even better. Would highly recommend to anyone who is hungover or constipated! Thank you Lucky Grill for helping my bowel movements every Sunday!


3 reviews
The menu items are very tasty, I have been going here since I could walk and have never tasted any bad food or experienced any negative vibes!! The only bad thing about this place is Sunday morning service, it's SUPER PACKED with people between 9am-11:30am and you might have to wait a little for the food. People are very friendly though and the delivery service is always on time. Also, you can't beat the price anywhere else.


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Great sandwiches, chili, milkshakes. They send you so much food, it's delightful--a bit of bread and butter, lots of condiments--and you don't have to ask for napkins. These small thoughtful things mean a lot these days, no? Food has so far always arrived ahead of time, so everything is hot/cold. Highly recommended.


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I have chronic nausea and had no taste for anything. I thought about how lucky grills pancakes are not disgustingly doughy and that their omelets are on point. That use pretty good ingredients. Their potatoes are even perfect and not disgustingly in Grease. Will order again


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Just ordered a BLT club which came with fries or onion rings and a soup. The food was delivered fast and the soup was hot. The ingredients were fresh. Definitely will order from here again. Good was so good, I'm gonna make it a point to stop in for breakfast soon.

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Always good and fast!

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Here at Lucky Grill, it's not about the food, but the people and if you really enjoy the company then you will enjoy the atmosphere. So come on by to Lucky Grill Restaurant.